Everything You Need to Know About a Separation Agreement

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A separation agreement helps both parties feel safe regarding their assets, debts, or parental issues, but it can be canceled if they decide to get back together or divorce. When two married people decide to part ways, but they are not yet considering a divorce, a separation agreement is a solution to determine certain aspects … Read more

How To Prepare for Your Divorce

St. Louis Divorce Lawyer

Your trusted St. Louis family law attorney will understand the road ahead and ensure that your rights and the best interests of your children are protected. For many people, the idea of preparing for divorce seems odd. How does one prepare for something they never expected to happen? Thankfully, your St. Louis family law attorney … Read more

My Ex is Ignoring COVID Guidelines and Endangering Our Kids

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If you are worried that your ex-spouse is putting your children at risk by not respecting pandemic guidelines, what can you do? Going through a divorce is tough, but for parents with minor children, it comes with the additional difficulties of co-parenting. Agreeing on how to raise and care for your children with a person … Read more

How Do the Courts Determine Paternity?

Court-Ordered Paternity Test

A paternity test can be ordered by the court and provide concrete evidence of the biological father. When a child is born, we come together as a community. A wave of congratulations on social media, the mailbox stuffed with heartfelt cards, phone calls from friends and family, and baby showers. It is a time of … Read more