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Dating While Divorcing: Is It a Good Idea?

Individuals have different opinions regarding the matter. While we cannot tell you what to do, we can suggest considering all the factors in your situation.

Going through a divorce is typically a physical and emotional process for the parties involved, whether the split is amicable or not. However, it is not unusual to find a divorcee in another relationship before finalizing the court proceedings. Perhaps you want a shoulder to lean on during this trying time, or you’re looking to get back at your spouse. Either way, the idea of dating while divorcing can have specific implications. Here are some of the ways dating during a divorce can affect the entire process.

Creates Unnecessary Conflict

Your soon-to-be ex-partner can feel aggrieved when they realize you’re in a relationship before your marriage is officially over. They can claim you engaged in extramarital affairs leading to the split, especially if you filed for the divorce. This can heighten the tension between you and hinder effective communication during the process. Your case may have to drag for months in court if you can’t agree on specific issues concerning the divorce.

May Limit your Settlement Options

Apart from kids’ custody, money, and property settlement, there are often contentious issues during a divorce. Dating while divorcing can limit the amount of money you receive as spousal support. It could also threaten your settlement options, especially if you expect to receive your alimony as a lump sum instead of monthly installments.

Most spouses don’t agree to pay lump sum alimony if their soon-to-be-ex is in a relationship. At best, they’ll send monthly spousal support until their ex decides to remarry, after which all support privileges end.

Can Affect Your Kids

Divorce is between two people, but the kids also suffer during the trial. The change from spending time with both parents to one can be psychologically and emotionally exhausting.

Therefore, bringing a new partner into the scene may only add stress to their lives as they try to navigate this new chapter. Your children may also grow estranged once they have difficulty accepting your new partner as a parent.

Distracts you from the Reality

There’s no doubt a divorce can be financially and emotionally challenging. It takes time to get over someone you’ve spent years together with, whether it was by mutual consent or not. After all, there was a time you were madly in love with each other.

While dating while divorcing can help ease the pain of a divorce, it can prevent you from healing. It can also impair your judgment, as you may make crucial decisions about your children’s future based on your present feelings rather than the welfare of all.

Is Dating While Divorcing Advisable?

Individuals have different opinions regarding the matter. While we cannot tell you what to do, we can suggest considering all the factors in your situation. Dating while divorcing may have consequences for everyone involved.

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