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50/50 Custody in Missouri: How it Affects Child Support Payments

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Learn how 50/50 custody impacts child support in Missouri—factors affecting payments, court considerations, and tips for parents in equal custody arrangements. In Missouri, 50/50 custody arrangements are becoming increasingly common as courts recognize the benefits of children having equal time with both parents. However, many parents wonder how this custody split affects child support obligations. … Read more

Common Reasons for Child Support Modification

Child Support Modification Missouri

The Betz Law Firm is dedicated to helping families navigate these complex issues. If you need assistance with a child support modification, contact us today for a consultation. Child support is critical to ensuring that children receive the financial support they need from both parents after a separation or divorce. However, as life circumstances change, … Read more

Do You Have to Pay Child Support if You Have 50/50 Custody in Missouri?

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In Missouri, having a 50/50 custody arrangement does not automatically exempt a parent from paying child support. Navigating the complexities of child custody and support can be one of the most challenging aspects of a separation or divorce. Among the myriad of questions, one of the most common inquiries at The Betz Law Firm is: … Read more

How and When Child Support Affects Your Credit

Can Child Support Affect Credit

By understanding the implications and taking responsible actions, you can ensure that child support remains a priority while safeguarding your financial well-being. Child support is a vital obligation that parents have toward their children’s financial well-being after a separation or divorce. While the primary focus of child support is to ensure that children’s needs are … Read more

How to Modify Child Support in Missouri

How to Modify Child Support

In Missouri, you can request a modification if the criteria for modifying child support are valid. When you divorce, meeting your children’s emotional, educational, and financial needs and sharing custody with your ex is essential. In divorce proceedings, the court strives to ensure that both parents provide for their children’s ongoing needs. This is done … Read more

Do I Have to Pay Child Support if I Lose My Job?

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If you lost your job and have child support to pay, seek legal help right away. Your attorney will help you notify your co-parent, the office of child support, and the court about your unemployment status. The pandemic-induced recession has resulted in unprecedented job losses. According to a recent report, overall, it’s estimated that the … Read more