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How Long Does a Divorce Take in Missouri?


Many factors determine the amount of time it takes to finalize your divorce, including whether it’s contested or uncontested.

When a person decides on divorce, they typically want to get it over and done. However, there isn’t a clear answer to how long a divorce takes in Missouri. Many factors determine the amount of time it takes to finalize your divorce, including whether it’s contested or uncontested.

Regardless of what type of divorce it is, The Betz Law Firm combines experience and expertise in delivering uncompromising legal advice and service to clients. We help ensure the best possible outcome.

Typically, a divorce is granted 30 days after all the paperwork has been filled and submitted in court in Missouri. However, the proceedings may drag due to one or more of the following issues:

The Divorce is Contested

The proceedings of a contested divorce are longer and often more expensive than an uncontested divorce.

In a contested divorce, you and your spouse may fail to mutually agree on child support or custody, alimony payments, and asset division which can make the case drag on for months, if not years. On the other hand, in an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse mutually agree on all the critical issues before filing for a divorce, which saves time.

Note: Even if your divorce is uncontested, hiring a divorce attorney is still a good idea. The attorney will protect your rights and ensure all relevant issues are captured in the final agreement.

Property Division

Generally, the more assets you and your spouse own, the longer it will take to divide them. Also, if you and your spouse can’t agree on how to divide your property, your case will go to court. Court procedures are usually lengthy and time-consuming.

Child Custody

If you and your spouse have children, your divorce might take a bit longer. This is because the court puts the welfare of the children first and will want to see that you and your spouse have worked out a plan that will be in the children’s best interest.

Sometimes, the judge can help you develop a parenting plan, including a visitation and holiday schedule, a child support agreement, and a medical care plan for the children.

Prenuptial Arrangements

A prenuptial agreement is a document detailing all the assets you and your spouse owned before marriage and how they will be divided should the marriage end. It also indicates what happens to all the assets you purchase with your spouse during your marriage.

A prenup protects any property or assets you bring into the marriage or acquire during the marriage. If there is a foolproof prenuptial agreement, the divorce process will be much faster because there will be little to contest.

The Court’s Caseload

The number of pending caseloads in the divorce court may also affect how long your divorce will take. If the divorce court has a considerable caseload, your divorce will take longer to be processed. In addition, your divorce may take longer if the judge is not available at all times.

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