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When Attacking Your Former Spouse Hurts Yourself

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Anger, frustration, pain, betrayal, all of these are normal and understandable feelings to experience during a divorce. But it is important to pick an appropriate time and place. Robert Emery posted an article on Psychology Today discussing the consequences of speaking ill about your former spouse in front of your children. In previous articles, we … Read more

Do Monetary Gifts Affect Child Support and Maintenance?

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While it is left to the court’s discretion to determine whether monetary gifts should be entered as monthly income, there must be regularity in the receipt of said gifts. There are many factors a court considers when setting child support and maintenance (commonly referred to as alimony). Both parents’ income, childcare expenses, home expenses, and … Read more

Divorce: Why Compromise is Important

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This example illustrates that the court will not automatically award joint legal and custody rights to both parents if it detracts from the child’s best wishes. The courts factor a lot into deciding custody. Every variable, however, is weighed against one single point, the best interests of the child. Except in extreme cases, the court … Read more