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How to Prepare for Mediation During Divorce

Divorce Mediation St. Louis

At The Betz Law Firm, we will help you thoroughly prepare for divorce mediation to improve the likelihood of a favorable and equitable outcome. Divorce mediation can be a more amicable, private, and cost-effective alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. It involves a neutral third party who helps both parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Preparing … Read more

Do You Have to Pay Child Support if You Have 50/50 Custody in Missouri?

Child Custody Lawyer St. Louis

In Missouri, having a 50/50 custody arrangement does not automatically exempt a parent from paying child support. Navigating the complexities of child custody and support can be one of the most challenging aspects of a separation or divorce. Among the myriad of questions, one of the most common inquiries at The Betz Law Firm is: … Read more

Preparing for Your Uncontested Divorce: A Checklist

Preparing for Uncontested Divorce

At The Betz Law Firm, we understand it’s essential to approach the process prepared and informed, even in the most amicable separations. Following this checklist can help ensure the process goes smoothly. Going through a divorce is undoubtedly a challenging experience. However, preparing correctly can make the process smoother and more straightforward. If you and … Read more

What is the Goal of Family Mediation?

Goal of Family Mediation

At The Betz Law Firm, we recognize the transformative potential of mediation and are committed to helping families navigate challenging times with dignity, respect, and compassion. Whether going through a divorce, deciding child custody issues, or establishing paternity, disputes and conflicts often arise, leaving families in turmoil and uncertainty. Therefore, finding a resolution method that … Read more

What Is a Motion for Temporary Custody?

Motion for Temporary Custody

At The Betz Law Firm, we aim to shed light on the intricacies of motions for temporary custody and how they play a pivotal role in safeguarding the well-being of children amidst legal disputes. Situations sometimes arise where parents or guardians need temporary custody arrangements during divorce or separation proceedings. A motion for temporary custody … Read more