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How Divorce Mediation Will Benefit Your Children

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation provides an escape route, shielding children from the damaging psychological effects a divorce may have on them. Divorce mediation offers a more collaborative and harmonious path toward divorce, enabling both parties to reach amicable agreements on divorce matters through sound reasoning and mutual respect. Divorce can significantly impact children, particularly when both parents … Read more

How to Protect Your Children During Divorce

Protecting Children During Divorce

Divorce is complicated enough, to begin with, but things become even more challenging when a couple has children – especially younger ones that likely don’t understand what’s happening. When a couple gets married, they picture having a family and a life together until they grow old. However, sometimes, couples grow apart, want different things, and … Read more

Tips to Help You Talk to Your Kids About Your Divorce

Tips to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

Divorcing parents need to prepare a plan, leave out the messy details, and be open to different reactions and questions from their kids. Talking about your divorce with your kids can be difficult and painful. However, it’s essential to tell them as early as possible before they hear it from someone else. But how do … Read more

St. Louis Divorce Attorney: Military Deployment and Divorce

Military Deployment and Divorce

If you are a veteran involved in divorce or custody proceedings or a spouse to a veteran, be sure to contact a St. Louis divorce attorney to understand your rights. Divorce is never an easy process, no matter how much parties may agree. It requires an extensive allowance of time, energy, and often income. Court … Read more