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Grandparents’ Rights in Missouri: What You Need to Know

BLF grandparents

Understand grandparents’ rights in Missouri. Learn about visitation, custody options, legal requirements, and how to protect your relationship with grandchildren. Grandparents play a vital role in their grandchildren’s lives, providing love, support, and stability. However, when family dynamics change due to divorce, separation, or other circumstances, grandparents may be uncertain about their rights to maintain … Read more

St. Louis Family Law Attorney – The Value of Objective Advice

St. Louis Family Law Attorney

At The Betz Law Firm, we are committed to providing you with the clear, unbiased guidance you need to navigate your legal challenges successfully. When dealing with family law matters, emotions often run high, and making clear-headed decisions can be challenging. Whether you are facing a divorce, child custody dispute, or any other family-related legal … Read more

Your Ex Is Not Following the Parenting Plan – What Can You Do?

Ex Not Following Parenting Plan

Navigating parenting after a separation or divorce is challenging, and deviations from a parenting plan can strain both parental relations and the emotional well-being of the child involved. When you and your ex-partner devised a parenting plan as part of your child custody agreement, it was meant to outline each parent’s responsibilities and schedule. This … Read more

The Importance of Effective Communication with Your Family Law Attorney

St. Louis Family Law Attorney

The Betz Law Firm is committed to guiding you through the complexities of your family law case with open and transparent communication. Family law matters can be emotionally charged and complex, involving sensitive issues such as divorce, child custody, spousal support, and property division. Having a skilled and compassionate family law attorney by your side … Read more

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Missouri Paternity Case

Paternity Lawyer St. Louis

At The Betz Law Firm, we understand the complexities of Missouri paternity cases and offer guidance to help you navigate this challenging process. Paternity cases in Missouri can be emotionally charged and legally intricate. Whether you are seeking to establish paternity, secure parental rights, or address child custody and support matters, avoiding common pitfalls is … Read more

Navigating Divorce: Helping Adolescents and Preteens Adjust

Family law Attorney St. Louis

At The Betz Law Firm, we aim to help our clients and their families face and adjust to life-changing circumstances. Divorces are hardest on children, specifically teens and adolescents. The abrupt change divorce brings into their lives and adjusting to a new reality can be difficult. Teens and adolescents have higher cognitive abilities and are … Read more