Managing Joint Financial Accounts During a Divorce

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During a divorce, joint financial accounts often become a source of contention between the parties involved. These financial accounts include jointly owned checking and savings accounts, safety deposit boxes, credit cards, investments, and other holdings and equity credit lines. Such accounts get impacted when the account holders decide to go separate ways. How divorce affects … Read more

Effects of Substance Abuse on Divorce – St. Louis Divorce Attorney

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Substance abuse can have serious effects on a number of divorce factors, including the divorce filing strategy. Substance abuse affects many people in the United States. Substance abuse essentially refers to an addiction to substances such as alcohol and illegal and prescription drugs. Substance abuse and addiction can wreak havoc in a happy family, often … Read more

Who Pays for Child Expenses in a Divorce?

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Child maintenance is one of the most important issues that crop up at the time of divorce. It has to be decided who will pay for the children’s upkeep, and how it will be paid. The financial responsibilities include paying for the dental and medical insurance, college education, camps, sports, clothing, luxuries, and other expenses … Read more