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Selling Your House During Your Divorce – What Should You Consider

Questions concerning homeownership, whether the division of assets in a sale or who gets to keep the home, are challenging and often fraught with emotion. Going through a divorce is a complicated process for various reasons. If you need to sell your home during your divorce, this may complicate things even further. Questions concerning homeownership, … Read more

Financial Things to Consider When Filing for a Divorce

Financial Planning for a Divorce

It’s challenging to think in a practical, financial frame of mind when deciding to divorce your spouse. However, The Betz Law Firm can help! If you’re filing for divorce, there are some financial aspects you might want to consider. Once you file, you won’t be able to do anything with your assets, and if you … Read more

When You Divorce, Who Gets the House?

Who Gets the House in a Divorce

Your home may be important to both of you personally and can make property division negotiations complicated and emotional. When you divorce, who gets the house? This is one of the main questions a couple has when they divorce. This is because a home is generally a couple’s most significant asset and also often the … Read more

How Couples Can Divide Physical Items in a Divorce

Division of assets in a divorce

Splitting up physical items comes down to knowing what you want, being willing to compromise, and preparing yourself for some level of negative emotion. One of the most contentious points in a divorce comes when couples divide their assets. The reason is that many of these items have a significant amount of sentimental value, and … Read more