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Things Not to Post on Social Media During a Divorce

Knowing how to avoid social media pitfalls during your divorce can make all the difference. Here are 5 things you should never post on social media during a divorce.

With divorce proceedings, emotions can run high, and letting them get the better of you is easy. But what you post on social media can have serious consequences, especially if you’re in a legal battle.

1. Your Finances

During a divorce, your finances are a hot topic. From assets to debts, everything is up for discussion. If you post about your finances on social media, you could be handing your spouse’s lawyer ammunition to use against you in court. Whether it’s a photo of a new designer handbag or a screenshot of your bank balance, these posts could be interpreted as evidence of your financial status. The last thing you want is for your spouse’s lawyer to use this information against you in court.

2. That New Car You Just Bought

Another thing to avoid posting on social media during a divorce is pictures of a new car, boat, or other luxury items. Even if you purchased the item before the divorce, it could be seen as an attempt to hide assets from your spouse and their legal team. This can hurt your case and make reaching a fair settlement harder.

3. Anything About the Kids

Regarding divorce, it’s always best to keep the children out of the spotlight. Posting pictures or updates about your children on social media can be seen as exploiting their privacy and could be used against you in court. Additionally, posting about the kids can create a hostile environment and make it harder to co-parent effectively.

4. That New “Someone Special”

While showing off your new love interest on social media may be tempting, it’s best to keep your personal life private during a divorce. Posting about a new partner can be used as evidence of infidelity in court. While adultery is not illegal, it can negatively impact your divorce settlement. Your spouse’s legal team may use your posts as evidence to prove that you were not committed to the marriage and that you’re moving on too quickly.

5. Screenshots from Private Communication

Finally, avoiding posting screenshots from private communication on social media during a divorce is essential. This includes text messages, emails, and other forms of private communication. Sharing personal communication is a violation of privacy and can harm your case. It can also damage your relationship with your ex-spouse and make it harder to reach a resolution in your divorce case.

Don’t Let Social Media Hurt Your Divorce!

Navigating a divorce is difficult enough without the added stress of social media. By avoiding the five things listed above, you can protect yourself and your family during this emotional time.

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