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Co-parenting Tips for Divorced or Separated Parents


Our experienced family law attorneys are here to help you develop the best plan to co-parent amidst your divorce or separation.

At the Betz Law Firm, we understand that divorce can be a challenging process for parents and children in unexpected ways. Amidst this overwhelming situation, co-parenting can seem even more daunting.

Here are some practical ways you and your ex can successfully co-parent.

Put the Child First

The most important aspect of co-parenting is putting the child first. This means setting aside personal differences and focusing on what is best for the children. Children should never be caught in the middle of any arguments or conflict or have to worry about taking sides. Therefore, you and your ex must work together to ensure your children have a safe and healthy environment to grow up in.

Create a Co-parenting Plan

Create an amicable co-parenting plan to ensure your children are well taken care of throughout each stage. The plan should clearly outline the details of child custody, including visitation times, parental duties, and financial obligations. It’s recommended to work with an attorney when drafting the co-parenting plan as they can ensure that the plan is legally binding and meets everyone’s needs.

Communicate Effectively

When two people with different parenting styles and lifestyles are forced to work together, finding effective communication is essential. One highly effective way to keep everyone on the same page is by using a shared calendar. This allows both parents to view and input dates such as school events, doctor’s appointments, and extracurricular activities all in one place. As a result, no important event will be missed, and your children will have a sense of stability during this tumultuous time.

Encourage a Positive Relationship with the Other Parent

While stepping back and letting your children nurture a relationship with their other parent may be challenging, it’s essential to put your feelings aside and encourage them. One way to do this is by discussing co-parenting in a positive light whenever you involve your children in conversations about the other parent.

Try not to speak badly of the other parent in front of your child; instead, use neutral language when discussing them. This will help foster a healthy relationship between both parents, vital for successful co-parenting and beneficial to your child’s emotional well-being.

You can also take advantage of opportunities to interact positively with the other parent so that your children witness firsthand that the two of you can peacefully coexist. It will illustrate the importance of civility in disagreements and help them understand that divorce does not negate the significance or power of love between parents.

Be Flexible

Co-parenting is not a one-size-fits-all solution; you and your ex-partner must be flexible. This is crucial because children’s needs tend to change as they grow older, and any co-parenting plan must consider their changing needs. You should be committed to finding common ground when disagreements arise and are open to making appropriate changes to ensure that everything works within your children’s interests.

With these tips, you and your ex-partner can work together to create a positive and stable environment for your children as they navigate this difficult time.

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