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Dividing Retirement and Pension Benefits in a Divorce

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We can help guide you through the complexities of dividing retirement and pension benefits in your divorce. When a couple seeks a divorce, the Missouri law divides all marital property and finances. Real estate, personal property, and finances, including pension and retirement benefits are all divided by the Missouri court on the basis of equitable … Read more

Understanding Interstate Child Custody in Missouri

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We have the experience to help you through the complexities of a child custody case. Child custody disputes are generally tedious, stressful and complex in nature. Often, divorcing/divorced parents move away to another state in pursuit of a new job or another opportunity. This brings up the question of custody and visitation rights. In this … Read more

Signs Your Marriage Could Be Headed for Divorce

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A leading divorce-prediction researcher explains indicators that often lead to divorce. Divorces are stressful. They can wreak havoc not only on the health of a relationship but also on the physical health of the family members. The emotional, mental and physical toll it takes can lead to a host of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, depression, … Read more

Division of Business in Divorce – St. Louis Divorce Attorney

Division of Business in Divorce

Division of business in a divorce can be a contentious issue. Missouri is a dual property state and follows an equitable distribution policy. For property division, the Missouri court will first classify assets into marital assets (acquired during or after the marriage, or assets that have increased value due to the marriage), which are divided … Read more