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How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

We have made a commitment to guide our clients through the divorce process with the least amount of emotional trauma as possible.

When most people say “I do,” they really mean it. But there are times when even the best intentions can’t make things turn out the way you want them to. If you find that you can’t keep your vows intact, and it is time to seek a divorce in Missouri, you may wonder if divorce mediation is the correct type of resolution for your divorce.

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Understanding Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is about you and your partner deciding what is best for you and your children. Lawyers are necessary when there is a dispute about child custody or if the marriage ends on a sour note and you feel the need to protect yourself. But for those who either don’t have children or a lot of combined property, mediation might be the best solution. Even for those who aren’t sure they can figure out a solution, a mediator can aid with better communication and help take the emotion out of a divorce and make the process easier.

How Does Mediation Work?

A mediator is a facilitator that helps married couples reach a settlement agreement that both parties can live with. They work through negotiation. Their primary goal is not just to make one party happy but rather to find a “happy medium” that both parties can feel satisfied with.

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A couple generally does not come to the decision to divorce easily. Following through with it is even more trying as the complexities become overwhelming. Emotions run very high during these difficult times, especially when children are to consider. Our St. Louis divorce lawyers have committed to guiding our clients and their families through the divorce process with the least amount of emotional trauma and turmoil possible. This is done while holding the interests and future of the family as a top priority.

Our legal practice is focused exclusively on family law. It consists of a staff of experienced professionals who know all the legal issues that can arise during a divorce. Hundreds of clients have been assisted with the issues of child custody, visitation, support, alimony, division of joint assets, and much more.

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