Why You Should Consider Shared Custody in a Child Custody Battle

As a parent, it is your job to do what’s best for your children. Depending on your situation, shared custody is often the right choice.

When a couple divorces and children are involved, tensions are high, and emotions are in play. In some situations, parents use their children to hurt one another. Missouri, like most states, considers the best interests of the child to determine child custody. In most cases, the court will ensure that both parents get time with the child.

Shared custody is an increasingly popular type of child custody that offers many benefits to parents and children. Unless there is a history of drug abuse, child abuse, or extreme negligence, shared custody is a good course to consider when in a custody battle. Consider some of the benefits:

  • Children are happier – Divorce is almost always difficult for the kids involved. However, research suggests that children whose parents agree on shared custody arrangements are happier in the long run. This is probably because children are less likely to lose their relationship with one of their parents.
  • Parents are happier – Research further suggests that parents benefit in the long run from shared custody. While it can be difficult initially because tensions still run high, studies show that parents are much more satisfied as they both have maintained a relationship with their kids.
  • Parents have more individual time – After an individual goes through a divorce, they need time to grieve, date, or perhaps reinvent themselves. Shared custody frees up time for a person to enjoy their life without worrying about their kids or paying a babysitter. Shared custody ensures that one of the parents is watching or with the kids while the other has time to care for his or her needs.
  • Easier adjustment period – For most children, divorce means spending significant periods of time away from one parent. Shared custody helps soften the blow by ensuring that they get ample time with each parent. This can make settling into the divorce routine a little easier and help them feel happier and more balanced.

After a divorce, it is not easy to divide your time with your child, but parenting is rarely easy. As a parent, it is your job to do what’s best for your children. Depending on your situation, shared custody is often the right choice.

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