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How to Handle Divorce and Owning a Business

Divorce and Owning a Business

If you and your spouse own a business and have decided to divorce, our divorce attorneys can successfully help you through divorce agreement negotiations. Divorce is a complicated process regardless of your circumstances. But what if you and your spouse own a business together? This can seriously complicate things. What are Your Options? It’s not … Read more

Factors to Consider in a High-Asset Divorce Case

High-Asset Divorce Case

High-asset divorce cases are often complicated and benefit greatly from the assistance of a St. Louis divorce lawyer. Most divorce cases are usually accompanied by issues such as tax consequences, alimony, and property division. However, it can get even more convoluted when the couples have highly valuable assets. Due to the complications and the high … Read more

Division of Business in Divorce – St. Louis Divorce Attorney

Division of Business in Divorce

Division of business in a divorce can be a contentious issue. Missouri is a dual property state and follows an equitable distribution policy. For property division, the Missouri court will first classify assets into marital assets (acquired during or after the marriage, or assets that have increased value due to the marriage), which are divided … Read more