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What Are the Basic Steps of a Divorce?

Divorce Lawyer St Louis

In Missouri, there are specific steps that you need to take when you are entering a petition for divorce. In a perfect world when you say “I do” it is forever. Since there is no such thing as a perfect world, however, many people decide, at some point, that they don’t. Getting divorced is never … Read more

Dividing Retirement and Pension Benefits in a Divorce

Divorce Lawyer St. Louis

We can help guide you through the complexities of dividing retirement and pension benefits in your divorce. When a couple seeks a divorce, the Missouri law divides all marital property and finances. Real estate, personal property, and finances, including pension and retirement benefits are all divided by the Missouri court on the basis of equitable … Read more

Missouri Divorce Lawyer: Can a Maintenance Order Be Modified?

St. Louis Divorce Maintenance

Often times, spouses who are required to pay maintenance wonder if this order can be changed. Alimony or spousal maintenance is an important and complex component of a divorce case. The judge, depending on the circumstances of the case, will initially decide whether spousal maintenance needs to be included in the dissolution of marriage order, … Read more

Understanding Interstate Child Custody in Missouri

child custody paper

We have the experience to help you through the complexities of a child custody case. Child custody disputes are generally tedious, stressful and complex in nature. Often, divorcing/divorced parents move away to another state in pursuit of a new job or another opportunity. This brings up the question of custody and visitation rights. In this … Read more