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Why Pro Se Might Be Against Your Best Wishes


A judge is not likely to be lenient simply because you chose to represent yourself.

Everyone wants to save money. People shop around for cars, insurance, and loan rates. We even shop around for St. Louis family law attorneys. However, while the allure of saving money by representing yourself may seem attractive, it seriously hurt your case.

How Pro Se is Detrimental

Many people look at the expense of an attorney and think, “I know my case, my spouse and I are in agreement, why do I need a lawyer?” It seems valid; you have been living this narrative for years. However, what you have not experienced is dealing with the courts. Knowing how to file an appearance, or what paperwork is required can make all the difference. Likewise, while recognizing these components is critical, not knowing them is detrimental. A judge is not likely to be lenient simply because you chose to represent yourself (pro se).

Even supposing you do have a good grasp of not just the law, but also the procedure, how detached can you be from your case? Emotion and the law are a dangerous duo. While your conviction to your cause is understandable, can you step back and critically evaluate your own case?

A large part of being an attorney is knowing when to direct a client along the right path. Sometimes that means giving bad news or encouraging compromise. Compromise is a crucial factor in quickly and efficiently conducting a divorce case. Less compromise presents a longer and more expensive case. As well, knowing when to fight for something is also important. Your trusted St. Louis family law attorney will know when best to compromise and when to stick to your convictions. Doing so, however, requires a certain amount of detachment. This is why attorneys often hire counsel when facing their own cases.

Finally, you may not realize just how far your rights extend. If you are facing an attorney when representing yourself, you may lose out on time with children, pay higher maintenance to your spouse, or lose property. Essentially, while you may save money on the attorney fees, you may also lose more from the settlement agreement. An experienced Missouri lawyer will fight to protect your rights and property.

Your Divorce Attorney is on Your Side

An attorney is an expense, there is no getting around that fact. However, they are also your trusted counsel and an expert. They can walk you along the most favorable path during your divorce. A penny spent on your attorney may save you a pound later. If you are going through a divorce, consult with your trusted St. Louis family law attorney to discover your rights, and how to maintain the best interests of yourself and your children.

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