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What to Do When You Cannot Find a Social Security Number


An experienced St. Louis family law attorney can help you through this aggravating hurdle.

It is necessary, in Missouri, to know the other party’s Social Security Number when filling in family court. What happens when you do not have that information? An experienced St. Louis family law attorney can help you through this aggravating hurdle.

It may seem funny; how can you not know your spouse’s Social Security Number or the Social Security Number of your child’s parent? But it happens more often than you might think. People grow distant, or perhaps you never shared a home. In these situations, it can become an impediment to filing in a Missouri family court.

Locating the Documentation You Need

The first and easiest step is to ask your child’s parent or former spouse for their Social Security Number. Of course, this is not always an option. In that case, try to find an old copy of their tax return forms. W-2’s, 1099’s, and other such documents all contain a person’s Social Security Number. If you ever filed jointly, your tax accountant should be able to provide you with a past copy of your return. Again though, if you never shared a home with your former partner, it may make it hard to find such documentation.

At this point, your local attorney can petition the court to file without your former partner’s Social Security Number. If they are either apprehensive about providing their Social Security Number, or you are unable to contact them, your St. Louis family law attorney can ensure that your custody case, child support, maintenance, or divorce proceeding can move forward, with minimal delay.

Contact Your Family Law Attorney

Obviously, in a perfect world, we would always have the paperwork necessary to file right away. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. Thankfully, your experienced family law attorney has seen this before and can advise you on how best to approach any issues that may arise.

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