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What to Do If the Judge Seems to Be Favoring Your Spouse

Divorce court decisions should be made by applying laws and past case decisions to facts that are presented at your trial.

The object of the dispute in a family lawsuit is a very delicate matter as it can have a significant influence on the lives of the spouses and their children. One cannot treat a divorce case with generalized judgment, as each case has its unique set of circumstances and development to which both parts need to adapt and react in the best possible way. That said, no divorce should be settled by a judge who chooses to follow their preconceptions about family, gender dynamics, or society instead of following facts and defending the interests of all parties involved.

Unfortunately, there are some cases where the judge seems to favor one side over the other. Often, traditional gender roles are applied to situations where the family dynamic is different. This incompatibility of the judge with the type of family he has in court may lead to an imbalance in the justice system, as one spouse gets more than he or she may be entitled to, and the other is robbed of his or her rights.

Going in front of a judge and laying your conjugal life in front of them and waiting for their decision regarding your life after a marriage can be tough. Few divorces can be considered easy, but when you seem to be discriminated against by a representative of the law, it is a battle for your rights. What can you do when the judge appears to favor your spouse in the divorce case?

Are You Going through a Custody Battle? Spend Time with Your Children

If you believe that it’s in your children’s best interest to have you in their lives, either as a split custody parent or a full custody one, then you need to show irrefutable evidence that you are already an important part of their lives. Spend time with them daily and be involved in what they do. Go to school meetings and sports games, participate in their little projects, and know their routine.

If you think the judge is favoring your spouse based on a gender bias, you can contact a discrimination board and bring the problem to their attention. Show them that your gender is not preventing you from being a good parent for your children and break the mold of gender roles.

Do You Feel That You Are Disadvantaged in Any Way? Act Your Best

When you are seen through the lenses of prejudice or other bias, what you do can be interpreted and distorted to fit that paradigm. Don’t feed that persona presented by the biased judge. Avoid any possible association with that pattern of behavior, even if you need to censor perfectly valid emotions or responses. Reformulate answers that might be considered aggressive or accusing and stay out of conflict.

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