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Surprisingly, the divorce rate is not one of the factors which have influenced this trend.

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Research conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that in the US, the number of adults who live without a partner has increased in the last 10 years. In 2007, the percentage was 39%. At present, it is 42%.

This is due to several reasons. First, the number of married adults has decreased. Secondly, the number of people living with their romantic partners has increased. The third reason could be the aging of American adults.

Surprisingly, the divorce rate is not one of the factors which have influenced this trend. According to St. Louis divorce lawyer, this study reveals some interesting facts about how our society is shaping up. Here are the findings of this study.

Economic Impact of This Trend

This trend can have a significant impact on the economic life of adults. Studies have revealed the financial advantages of cohabitation and marriage. The average household income for adults who are married or living with a partner is $86,000. While the average household income for adults who are living without a partner is $61,000.

There are more chances for unpartnered adults to live in poverty. Only 7% of the partnered adults may be poor while 17% of the single adults are likely to be poverty-stricken.

Research Findings

Research shows that 40% of the men are unpartnered, while 43% of the women live without a partner.

Educated adults who have a bachelor’s degree are less likely to stay without a partner than the less educated ones. 31% of the former and 46% of the latter stay without a partner. Further, 37% of the Asian and White adults are unpartnered while 46% of the Hispanic and 62% of the black adults live without partners.

The number of unpartnered adults has risen among unemployed people. 46% of the adults who were of a working-age but did not have a job were living without a partner in 2007. Their number has risen to 51% in the present.

However, the change in the percentage of unpartnered working-age adults who are employed is negligible. It has risen from 36% in 2007 to 38% in 2017.

But being jobless is not one of the reasons for remaining single. Surveys show that people are of the opinion that men have to be economically well off to be good partners or husbands. While economic literature supports the view that men become more successful in their work if they are married.

56% of the single adults are in charge of their household. 35% of unpartnered adults live alone. 22% of them live with others in the family, for example, single parents.

Around 28% of them live with their parents or grandparents. 16% of the unpartnered adults are in some way related to the head of the house.

Nearly, 58% of the unpartnered adults have not been married at any time. Around 21% are divorced, 14% are widowed, the rest are separated or living without their spouse in the house.

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