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Can You Obtain Spousal Support Before a Divorce Concludes?

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This compensation is known as temporary support, and it is very common in divorce proceedings. In this article, we will outline some spousal support basics, help you understand how you may obtain temporary compensation, and explain what will happen to it when your divorce concludes. Spousal Support Eligibility and Calculation The first issue you need … Read more

Why You Need to Be Proactive During Your Divorce

During a divorce, it is important to remember that you do have some level of control over the situation, and can influence the results in your favor. Getting a divorce is one of the most emotionally taxing things you can go through. While a natural response to this type of trauma may be to shrink … Read more

6 Common Mistakes That Can Negatively Impact Divorce

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When it comes to divorce, some mistakes are more common than others. What makes highlighting them so useful is that doing so stands to save a significant amount of people from making errors when going through a divorce. This can protect them from monetary costs, wasting time, and experiencing many negative emotions. The following are … Read more

The 7 Steps to Take Immediately After Deciding You Want a Divorce

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Though deciding to divorce is emotional, you can prepare yourself for the road ahead by carrying out the 7 steps on this list. Spouses splitting up is rarely a happy experience. Still, people that are about to undergo this legal process can make things easy on themselves by taking some preliminary steps like educating themselves, … Read more

How to Tell Your Children About Your Divorce

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Here are 5 tips to make telling your children about your divorce as easy as possible. Deciding to get a divorce comes with a significant amount of tasks to complete. You may be seeking a divorce attorney, split assets, negotiate over custody, and much more. One of the hardest of those tasks is telling your … Read more