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5 Reasons to Consider Living Separately from Your Spouse During Your Divorce

One of the decisions couples need to make when getting a divorce is whether or not they want to live separately during the process.

While living separately during a divorce may seem necessary to some, a significant portion of couples do not, with the most common factors being saving money and giving continuity to their children’s lives. However, here is why living separately may be the right solution for you.

live separately during divorce

Your Emotional State

When two people decide it is time to get divorced, they often do so after years of negative emotions. What happens is that they reach a breaking point, and at least one person cannot go on with the relationship. If this description matches your mindset, it may be toxic to stay in the same space as your partner. The better move for your emotional state may be to have one person leave the situation and allow for healing.

It Might Be Better For the Children

One of the typical justifications for why people stay is so that their children still have two parents in the house. While noble, this approach often backfires. The reason is that couples who are on the brink of divorce often don’t get along. As a result, their children hear their arguments and tend to understand what is going on beneath the surface. This effect can have worse consequences than one parent moving out.

One Person is Likely Leaving at Some Point

If you’re getting a divorce, you and your partner will generally separate at some point. That can be early in the process or later in it, but in most cases it will happen at some point. What you might decide as a result of this truth is that you should make the switch as soon as possible. Staying is delaying the inevitable, which can have emotional consequences.

Building a Better Future

People who are in negative relationships often find that they can spread their wings and develop an incredible amount once they separate for their spouses. Whether that means seeing other people, trying new activities, or reconnecting with old friends, living with your current partner may hamper the process of moving on.

There is a Reason Why You’re Separating

Some couples protest to all of these reasons with legitimate points of their own. Typical points include them being civil with each other, not fighting at all in front of their children, and even planning to live together after the divorce is finalized. If that is the case for you, it may be time to revisit why you’re separating in the first place. If it isn’t, then perhaps some distance is a good thing.

One of the things St. Louis family law attorneys often see is couples attempting to live together during the splitting process. While this arrangement can work for some, it is often a bad idea for everyone involved. We hope that, whatever your decision is, it will lead to a happier and brighter future for both you and your family.

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