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Is It Possible to Modify a Divorce Settlement Agreement?

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Life has a way of throwing us curveballs. Maybe you twisted your ankle before a big run, you had an important work event cause you to cancel vacation plans, or weather drove you back indoors instead of that camping trip. In all these instances forces outside of your control directed you to change plans and … Read more

A Brief Guide to Custody Options: the 50/50 Schedule

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One of the most difficult decisions a parent has to make during a divorce is setting a schedule for seeing and spending time with their child. A few years back, a law went into effect with the purpose of encouraging judges to award equal custody time (50/50 custody.) However, some judges are hesitant, claiming that … Read more

4 Ways Divorce Can Affect Your Estate Planning

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One of the many ways a divorce will impact your life is forcing you to change your estate plan. Because your divorce will change your living arrangements and family structure, you must plan for the future accordingly. That means making changes to how you wish that your estate is handled in case you pass away. … Read more