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The Emotional Stages of Divorce and How to Cope


Understanding the emotional stages of a divorce will help you keep a firm grasp of your emotions and come out of the divorce a better person.

Divorce entails much more than separating from your partner and signing a few documents. It’s also a process ridden with emotional turmoil, particularly grief. Getting through parting with your spouse is one thing, but the whole back-and-forth of legal issues only adds salt to injury.

At The Betz Law Firm, our goal is to assist families in need to navigate their way through those important, life-changing events. Our team of compassionate lawyers will be at your side, offering our guidance and support.

Going through a divorce is complicated and fraught with emotions. Very few individuals can sign the papers and walk away. While every couple and situation is different, there are some common reasons why divorce tends to be complicated. When a cloud of emotions surrounds these reasons, the problems are compounded.

Here are the 5 emotional stages of divorce and how you can cope successfully.

Stage 1: Denial

Denial describes the stage where you don’t want to come to terms with the divorce and instead hold on to the glimmer of hope that you and your spouse will reunite. This rarely happens because most divorces are final, and your spouse isn’t “going through a phase.” Divorces can be devastating, but the sooner you accept the reality, the earlier you can move on with your new life.

Stage 2: Anger

It’s normal to be angry toward the spouse seeking a divorce. You can also get mad at yourself for messing up the marriage, angry at life, and everything else. Sometimes this anger can consume you entirely, but don’t let it get the best of you. The repercussions might be too costly.

Stage 3: Bargaining

The bargaining stage is when you do everything possible to regain your spouse. You’re essentially begging them to come back despite the divorce being set in stone. Most efforts to salvage the relationship failed, exacerbating the negative feelings.

Stage 4: Depression

Depression is characterized by overwhelming sadness, gloom, and hopelessness. Depression during a divorce is a time of loneliness, and most people isolate themselves voluntarily. It’s also the stage when you start to accept the reality of the divorce. Embracing the pain ushers you into the last stage of the divorce.

Stage 5: Acceptance

As the name implies, the acceptance stage is when you finally accept that you and your partner are no more. It’s the final ride on the emotional roller coaster of divorce and a great relief for most people. When you finally accept the marriage is over, you can look forward to your new life.

Tips to Cope With Your Divorce

Divorces are painful for the majority of divorcees. Here are a few tips to help you cope with your divorce.

  • Understand that divorces are typical and that 50% of first marriages end in divorce.
  • Take a break from work or your usual activities and give yourself time to process your emotions.
  • Share your emotions with friends and family and seek professional help if necessary.
  • Eat a good deity, exercise regularly, and avoid drugs and alcohol to keep your mind clear and body at its optimum
  • Reconnect with your previous interests, hobbies, and friends you disconnected from since marriage.

Let Us Help With Your Divorce

You can conquer divorce’s emotional ups and downs by keeping your head up high, getting support from friends and family, and focusing on your goals. Remember, a whole new life awaits. Focus on making the best out of it.

Legal hiccups during a divorce can interfere with the coping process. Hiring a reputable attorney saves you a lot of trouble, so you can focus on getting over the divorce. Contact The Betz Law Firm for a seamless divorce in your best interest.

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