How to Successfully Co-Parent During Summer Vacation

To give your children an enjoyable summer and remove your frustration, here are some tips you can use to co-parent with your ex-spouse more successfully.

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and your kids are likely ready for school to end and summer to begin. However, working to accommodate schedules while maintaining your custody arrangement can be challenging. To give your children an enjoyable summer and remove your frustration, here are some tips you can use to co-parent with your ex-spouse more successfully.

Communication is key! When we fail to communicate, it leads to frustration. Therefore, the best thing you can do to ensure your summer goes more smoothly is to communicate with your ex, even if they have difficulty communicating with you.

  • Create a Plan – One of the best things you can do early on is to make a co-parenting plan with your ex for the summer. You may involve a mediator if necessary. Having a plan for special events, weekends, or trips can save potential issues before they come up. Also, allow for the plan to be flexible because circumstances do change.
  • Be Upfront About Vacation Plans – Many families choose to go on vacation during the summer. While this can be a lot of fun, it’s important to remember that you must abide by your custody arrangement. Therefore, if you want to take your kids on vacation, notify your ex as soon as possible to work out important details.
  • Find out What Your Kids Want – This may not necessarily apply to young children, but it’s essential to get their input and opinion as you make decisions as kids get older. They may have ideas of what they’d like to do on their summer vacation. Let them pick some of the activities.
  • Be Understanding and Patient – You may find it challenging to always remain positive around your ex. But you’ll likely face situations that require understanding and patience. Issues may come up that necessitate an adjustment to your already scheduled plan. Try to exercise patience to avoid bashing your ex or creating even more problems.
  • Put Your Kids First – Remember that summer is for your kids to enjoy. They need a break from school, and they deserve it. Don’t compete with your ex-spouse for attention and favoritism. Do everything you can to put your kids first.

If you find that communicating with your ex-spouse is challenging, consider enlisting the help of a family mediator. Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution where a neutral third party helps disputing parties resolve conflict without having a judge involved.

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