How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get Remarried After Divorce in Missouri?

In Missouri, there are no mandatory waiting periods for someone after a divorce is final.

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The laws regarding remarrying after a divorce are determined at the state level. Some states have mandatory waiting periods before you can say “I do” again. In Missouri, there are no mandatory waiting periods for someone after a divorce is final. An individual may remarry immediately once their petition for divorce is granted in a court of law.

Although there is no legal waiting period for a person to get remarried, there might be repercussions for choosing to do so immediately. If you get remarried too quickly, things that both parties agreed upon before divorcing might be reexamined or petitioned against by your previous spouse.

Things like court-ordered alimony and, sometimes even custody arrangements, can be called into question if you marry again.

Divorce in Missouri

Missouri is considered a modified no-fault state for divorce, which means that a couple need not have a legal reason for the dissolution of marriage. If an individual is a resident in the state of Missouri for more than ninety days, then a petition for the dissolution of marriage can be completed and decided upon in about 30 days.

Once the court grants the dissolution to the petitioner, the other spouse has thirty days to appeal the decision.

When One or Both Spouses Remarry

There is no waiting period for a person who wants to remarry after the petition for divorce has been ruled on. If you apply for a marriage certificate and have been divorced for less than thirty days, then you have to put in writing that you are attempting to apply for a new marriage certificate even though your ex-partner still has time to appeal the court’s decision about your divorce.

If the ex-partner does decide to appeal the decision, then the new marriage certificate will be nullified.


In a divorce, one spouse might ask for financial support from the other. This support is called alimony. Alimony is generally decided upon by the financial status of both parties, how long a couple has been married and how the divorce will affect each party’s standard of living.

In Missouri, if you have been granted alimony from a divorce and decide to remarry, you will likely no longer receive alimony.

Child Support

Financially speaking, being remarried will not affect how much you receive or have to pay for child support. It can, however, become a contention for child custody agreement. So, it is always best to discuss your intentions with your ex-partner.

Although there are no waiting periods in the state of Missouri regarding when someone can remarry after a divorce, it is a good idea to consider how remarrying might affect your financial status, and, in some instances, your child custody agreements. If your spouse has remarried or you intend to remarry, make sure to consult your St. Louis divorce attorney to see if there will be any impact after a new marriage certificate is signed.

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