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Common Myths About Divorce in St. Louis

Below we cover a few of the most popular myths about divorce and the truth about each of them.

Are you planning to file for divorce in St. Louis? If so, then you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the divorce process. An excellent place to start is with the countless myths and stereotypes around divorce. The sooner you understand the truth about the divorce process, the easier your divorce will be. Below we’ll cover a few of the most popular myths about divorce and the truth about each of them.

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Divorces Are Always Contentious

It is no secret that a high number of divorce cases are contested. However, this does not mean every divorce must be contentious. If you agree on child custody, division of property, and alimony, your divorce will be uncontested. This will save both of you money and time. But remember: even if you and your ex agree, it is always advisable to ensure you hire a family lawyer. The lawyer will go through your agreement to provide everything you agreed upon is included, and your interests and rights are protected.

Custody Is Always Awarded to the Mother

This myth has been known to cause a lot of heated arguments. If you think the mother will always get custody of the children, think again. In Missouri, the gender of the parent is not one of the factors used to determine custody. Both parents have equal rights.

However, the court will have to consider the parent who is most capable of taking care of the child. Custody matters can be complicated and overwhelming – you’ll need to hire a competent family attorney to help you convince the court you’re the better parent.

If You Are At-Fault, You Will Lose Everything

Missouri is a no-fault divorce state. So do not fall for this lie. Adultery might ruin your marriage, but it won’t affect the court ruling. However, in cases where adultery affects your parental capabilities or affects your finances, it may come into play during property division and child custody ruling.

Divorce Must Involve a Court Trial

You have to get your divorce agreement signed by the court, but this does not mean a judge must do the settlement. Only 5% of divorces are settled in court. This means that 95% of divorces are settled using other methods: mediation, arbitration, etc.

The Husband Has to Support the Ex-Wife After the Divorce

This is not true. The court does not make rulings on alimony based on gender. The court will consider the chances of finding stable employment, current income, marital residence, and distribution of assets before making a ruling.

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