Understanding Child Custody from the Father’s Perspective

A father’s rights regarding custody and visitation hours are the same as a mother would have.

Separation is rarely easy or pleasant, and it gets truly emotionally draining when there are minor children involved. Whether you are also going through a divorce or you are only dealing with the custody battle, you are likely in for a difficult trial and making tough decisions.

Here are some things you should know as a father if you are preparing for a custody battle.

Father’s Rights in a Child’s Custody Case

A father’s rights regarding custody and visitation hours are the same as a mother would have. You have the right to negotiate when, for how long, and where you will see your child, and you have the right to file for sole custody.

Understanding what the court actually looks into when making the final decisions is very important in your case. Don’t automatically expect the mother to get custody or dictate the visitation conditions because you are just as entitled to earn these privileges. If you prove that you are a good parent, the court will acknowledge that and consider it, with every proof you provide to support it.

Bias Against Fathers When It Comes to Child Custody

While this might’ve been true for decades, today’s society has lessened the gender bias when it comes to giving custody to a parent. In the context of gender equality and the fight against discrimination, fathers can now worry less about losing a trial just because they are men.

This doesn’t mean, though, that you have equal chances of getting the child, as the little one’s needs may favor the mother, at least up to a certain age. At the same time, there are plenty of cases where the father is proven to be more fit to take care of the child. Custody is not a given, but it has to be earned by proving to be the best fit for being a parent.

How to Defend Your Rights as a Father

To increase your chances of getting full custody or shared custody, you and the mother both need to prove that you are fit to provide a good life for your child. This includes shelter, nutrition, education, a stable and healthy environment, love and support, extra-curricular activities, etc.

It would be best if you started preparing for your suit as soon as you believe a separation might occur in the future. Keep a journal of your time and activities with your child, take an interest in what they need and like doing, learn how to take care of them when they are sick, help with their school projects, and talk to them. First of all, physically spend time with them, and make it relevant.

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