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St. Louis Family Law – Seeking a Modification of Judgment

Something like losing a job or taking a new position that earns a significantly lower income may result in lower maintenance fees.

“Man plans, and God Laughs,” an old phrase that holds true in modern times. Despite our best efforts, life can throw a curveball your way; perhaps you lost your job, moved to a state with a much higher cost of living, or unexpected medical expenses were incurred. No matter the reason, a long-term life-altering event can devastate your finances. To compound it, many people are ordered to pay into maintenance (commonly referred to as Alimony) or child-support find they can no longer make ends meet. At this point, it is critical to speak to your trusted St. Louis area family law attorney. It could be that your lawyer will advise, based on your unique situation, that a modification of judgment is the proper course of action.

What is a modification of judgment?

When a party ordered some form of maintenance by the court cannot maintain their expenses due to a long-term life event, the court can reevaluate said order. This is only for long-term events. If you lost big at the casino, the court would not find you worthy of a modification. However, something like losing a job or taking a new position that earns a significantly lower income may result in lower maintenance fees.

As well, if your former spouse should remarry, you may have cause to discontinue maintenance. This does not remove your obligation to pay child support, but it can make those monthly budgets a little easier to work with. Please be advised, however, that you should not presume that maintenance is no longer due. Be sure to speak to your Missouri family law attorney if you mistakenly cease payments into child support, the court could find you in contempt.

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If you find yourself in a difficult situation, speak to your trusted St. Louis family law attorney and see if there is a judicial solution to your problems. While no one wants to go back to court, sometimes it is necessary. Remember, maintenance and support are not punishments. The court decides maintenance not just by what they believe is due to the opposing party, but also what you can reasonably afford.

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