After a Divorce: New Beginnings and New Problems

The court evaluates each case and must decide if the change in circumstance is long-term or likely to resolve itself.

We plan for life, we make a road map, and we walk that path hoping for a smooth journey. However, as the old adage goes, “Man plans, and God laughs.” Despite all your best efforts, sometimes life takes us on a detour that adversely affects our best efforts.

What was once a reasonable divorce settlement may now be untenable? What to do? An excellent first step is to contact your St. Louis family law attorney. They can review your case and tailor-fit their advice to your unique circumstances. One possible solution is to seek a modification of the judgment. This will recognize the change in your circumstances and reevaluate your previous agreement.

Modification of Judgment

The most common reason to seek a modification of judgment is the long-term loss of income. The court makes two distinctions to life changes to help determine if you can be granted a modified judgment. If you are simply inconvenienced by something that will resolve itself in the short-term, the courts will not grant a modified judgment. However, if they find that your circumstances are unlikely to change and have caused you to be unable to provide financially both for yourself and per your agreement, they may modify your judgment.

Modifications of judgment are not something taken lightly. The court evaluates each case and must decide if the change in circumstance is long-term or likely to resolve itself. However, maintenance and child support are not meant to be punishments. They are to ensure that all parties fulfill their obligations. If you cannot provide for yourself, you will be unable to provide for others as well. Likewise, this recognition that life changes occurred is not a release from your duties. You will still be required to make regular payments into maintenance or child support.

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Life can sometimes force us to take a road we would rather avoid. When this happens, it can throw our order into chaos. If you believe that you are facing a long-term change of circumstances, seek out your Missouri attorney and find out if a modification of judgment is right for you.

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