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Covid-19 and Uncontested Divorce

What happens when you find yourself and your partner looking to seek a dissolution of marriage?

Covid-19 is, at least for now, a very real impediment to normal life. It affects our interactions with friends and family, our vacation plans, and of course, what services are available to the community. Congruently, and perhaps in contention, life still moves on. So, what happens when you find yourself and your partner looking to seek a dissolution of marriage?

First, it is important to understand that the courts are now moving at a much slower pace. Despite the court’s admirable and reasonable attempts to keep both staff and parties safe, they have also slowed the process. At this time, many of the courts will only hear cases telephonically or by Zoom. While this does protect all parties’ health, it also means that each matter must be afforded more time to connect and discuss any issues. As a result, The Law Betz Law Firm has seen a great increase in the amount of time it takes to resolve contentious divorces.

There is a silver lining. An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree on the basic terms of custody and division of property. By removing the need to debate in court, parties greatly reduce the amount of procedural time needed to execute a marriage’s dissolution. Further, all drafting and discussions can easily be held remotely. Remote work means that you and your loved ones are not exposed to potential infection. Finally, as with all things, time is money. Your family’s assets can be put towards other endeavors by reducing the time spent communicating with the courts and attorneys.

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