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Changing Your Name After Divorce

For some, reverting back to their last name prior to marriage provides psychological and social closure.

For many, divorce is an end.  It is an end to a marriage union, a home, and a lifestyle.  It is it also a new beginning. It means reinventing ourselves, finding new hobbies, creating a new life.  Part of this new life, for a large segment of those going through divorce, also includes reverting back to their last name prior to marriage.  For some, it provides psychological and social closure from the old life to the new.

So, how does one change their name?  The easiest route is to include it as a provision of the divorce decree.  Petitioning the court for a name change will also have the same effect.  Changing one’s own name during a divorce is fairly straight forward, but to do the same with your children will generally require agreement with your spouse.  Without this agreement both parties will have to petition the court and allow a judge to make a final decision. This process may accrue sizeable fees as a result.  

Also, it is important to keep in mind the logistics of a name change.  Just as you had to update legal documents and identification, so too will you be required to do when you return to your old name.  Passports, driver’s license, and all other pertaining legal documentation will require an update and proof of your new name. It is not a monumental undertaking, but certainly a commitment of time and resources.

When deciding on whether to revert back to your name before marriage, it is a good idea to sit down with a trusted Saint Louis family law attorney and weight the pro’s and con’s.  Is the hassle of updating everything with your name on it still worth the time and resources? Your divorce attorney can help walk you through the process of a name change, and ensure you make an informed decision.  The courts understand the need for many to take on their old name, and this change will not weigh into their decisions. The deciding factor in a name change is not the courts, but your commitment to this facet of your new life.

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