Is It Possible to Modify a Divorce Settlement Agreement?

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Life has a way of throwing us curveballs. Maybe you twisted your ankle before a big run, you had an important work event cause you to cancel vacation plans, or weather drove you back indoors instead of that camping trip. In all these instances forces outside of your control directed you to change plans and redirect. So too does a modification of your divorce settlement. If you are facing a long-term change in circumstances, contact your St. Louis family law attorney to see if a modification is in your interest.

As it often happens, a major life-changing event happens when we least appreciate one. Perhaps you lost your job or your income has been greatly reduced. In such an instance, paying child support and spousal support may be outside of your means. When faced with this unfortunate position do not retreat into yourself. Instead, contact your lawyer and explain your situation. If the resulting difficulties are not a temporary setback, but instead a long-term reality, you may need to seek a modification of judgment through the courts.

A modification of judgment does not mean that you are completely released from your obligations. You will still need to pay into child support and maintenance. However, you can potentially reduce your monthly allocations. You will once again need to file paperwork showing your monthly income, expenditures, and a list of properties and assets. From this new filing, the court will evaluate your case, and if they believe your circumstances are reasonable, it may lower your monthly payments.

Support, be it child support or maintenance, is not meant to be a punishment. It is determined by established guidelines to ensure equity and the best interests of your children. The top priority, of course, is the best interest of your children. That being said, your financial needs are also a factor. If you are facing reduced income speak to your Missouri lawyer and see what can be done to help ensure your financial stability.

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